Florencia Manóvil is a queer Latina fiction writer-director based in Oakland, California. Under Mynah Films, she creates work that centers on marginalized, underrepresented identities and perspectives. 


She was voted “Best Filmmaker of the East Bay” in 2015, shortly after the release of her web series Dyke Central, which has been lauded by press and fans alike for groundbreaking diversity in its representation of LGBTQ characters. Before that, her debut indie feature Fiona’s Script (2009) was also celebrated for its realistic depiction of a group of queer women of color, and her short “Encuentro” (2017) was embraced by film festivals for its relevant juxtaposition of a young American-born Latina and a more mature traveller from Latin America. 


Manóvil’s current feature-in-development, Star-Crossed, is a sprawling love story that follows two passionate women over more than a decade, as their divergent, justice-oriented life paths intersect and continuosly pit them against each other.

Additionally, Manóvil has been working on a trilogy of shorts which explore the four elements as expressed through four very different women; of these, she recently completed Solstice (36m), a film that explores issues of parenting as well as of trauma, feminist community, and safe spaces.